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The next day was the 8th day meaning I was left with 6days to wrap up, after the morning lectures that morning, I was in group with my guys when we saw her also coming out of a lecture hall heading to her car, from the lecture theater she was coming from I knew she’s a post graduate student because that’s is their lecture theater …. I saw her but this time kept calm…. {SHAKER}”Hey …hey Sexy Sexy that be the shoddy heading to her car ooo, approach am eerrh” I didn’t say anything …She saw me with the guys and moved from her car to our direction…. You guys must behave at this point, shun your fooling now you can see she’s coming to us…. She greeted and requested if she can talk to me…. The request was a shocker to my friends…They were shocked and amazed….. I followed her to her car. I over heard ROUGH RIDER saying “eeeii akoa woie he chop some for girls or weitin, this time she no dey pressure the shoddy ebe the shoddy we dey pressure am ooo …haaiii Kojo your money is not safe hahahaha”……
I broke my silence when we got to her car…. Good morning I said “Good Morning …. I called you here to apologize to you about our last two meeting, I couldn’t sleep the whole of yesternite…Thanks too you saved me from stress yester note I was stranded you know…… You are welcome.. what some of you ought to know is that the fact that you are in a car don’t make some of us less humans… You gave me some serious “crown”, but well that was my little help I could offer at that time of the nite….My name is Josh and you…” am sorry please I didn’t meant to hurt you then, I was pissed by some other person …am Gloria” she added …. She looked to the direction of my friends and they were no longer there….” it’s almost 11am why not go to Alimento canteen and find something to eat….” Thanks but that won’t be necessary I need to go now…” You are saying NO to my offer yet again?? Last nite it was you refusing to sit in my car and today you are refusing to follow me eat?? Are you this unforgiving ??” Her words got to my heart I was only pretending ….Easy no problem I am very forgiving …Can we go now?? I said …She smiled back and asked me to hop in the car which I did….
We got inside the restaurant, while eating we talked about everything…. I had the chance to asked her soo many question and she asked me few ones… it was good having some time with, She’s just not beautiful but beauty with brains…Our interaction made me realize that she’s very intelligent when it comes to social matters and academic matters Truly I found out she is doing her masters… After eating she sent me back to my hostel…. ” nice having a good time with you… you are hilarious and amazing you made my day”…I smiled …Thanks for the food and for the ride am grateful….” So when do I see you again??” She asked …eerrm I have your line so I will communicate that to you please…” I will be waiting please” no problem ” take good care of yourself then bye” she drove away…. I entered our hostel yard and I was welcomed by a loud cheers from my guys… {PKAY}” I told you guys I know this guy from infancy I know what he can do…”{KOJO}” Ohh massa talking to a lady don’t mean you chop am…The deal is for him to chop am till then make I hear from you guys 3di3n..I still maintain my point that he no fit chop that chick, you figa say that chick be lose or what?? Don’t you see her level abeg ” {SHAKER}” charley you earn my respect today …hahaha you have shown that indeed you be the Don now the deal if for u to clear, if you do so diieerr forever you will the boss…. Enough of your rubbish, what are we eating this evening ??… PKAY your shoddy no make she come prepare food give we eerh…..
Late that evening Jessy asked me to come to her place…. I went, few minutes after getting there we started with our usual sexual adventures, she was moaning soo loud even in the midst of the loud music coming from her laptop…. From no where we heard a loud knock on the door… We stopped she paused the music quickly and wrap herself with piece of cloth to the door…… “it’s Irene” she said in a panic voice …Ire what?? ifs asked feeling nervous “Ssshhh I know how to handle this” she went to meet her at the door… {IRENE}”hahaha and why is she stopping me from entering her room today ..who’s there ?? Is Kevin around”…nope someone different please don’t spoil my market…. {IRENE}”eeeii Ashawo well can you give me your calculator…” I heard them chatting…. Jessy came in to get the calculator for her as she wait at the door…Unfortun
ately my fone rang, Irene heard the tone, who’s fone is that?? She asked ” why is your fone missing ??” Jessy replied …”hahaha ooo naa ne gyimie… my boo Josh had the same ring tone that’s why, nonsense”…hahaha your what?? Boo … so you go about listening to every ring tone eerh …Odo ma nipa gyimi ampa take the calculator and leave I was in the middle of something hahahha. ..” hahaha Heerrh Jessica you are insulting me??…anyway go and continue you thing wai see how you are sweating…. take care girlfriend” Irene left without coming in I had a relief at once….. When I was done with her I left to my hostel… I started a whatsapp chat with Gloria the girl with the car, I was left with just 4days, I read from her status that the next day is her birthday…. I rush out to quickly get some gift card and other accessories for her as birthday gift…. I sent the surprise package the next day early morning by 6am… She just couldn’t hold back her joy, I requested to take her to dinner later in the evening…. Late in the evening I made sure I looked as classy and official as possible…. I met her outside my hostel and she drove me to one of the nice restaurants in town… We had a good nite…. She got drunk at some point that I had to carry her to the car, drove her to her hostel, and took her to her room…. I made sure she slept I locked the door and left a text on her fone that ” when you wake up the next day call me.. goodnite I love you”…. The next morning around 8am she called, thanking me for yesterday even when she got drunk I never made an attempt to take advantage of her…. she ended the calling by saying I love you, I did the cross sign and smiled to myself and said me trap no akye bayla. ….. she promise to come to my place in the afternoon….. Around 1pm I saw her entering our gate with her car, the guys were around and they couldn’t hold back their shock…. she greeted without wasting time I took her to my room….. on that day it was left with just 2days for the 14 days to expire…. We had a long chat indoors before getting stuck into ourselves… We made love, I video two minutes of our love making, and then hid her Sexy G string pink Color pant afterwards…. She left late in the nite when almost all the guys were asleep….. The next day as early as 5:30am they were knocking my door with appellation….I came out…..{SHAKER}” charley you have shown that you are the man… I now trust you”…. {ROUGH RIDER}” hahaha herh Sexy you be something else ooo. … I was behind your window and I heard how the chick was begging you never to stop what you doing ….All this while Kojo was quiet…{PKAY}”hahaha I told you I know this guy and what he can… do “…Order, Order!!! hahahaha {PKAY}”kooomy3 speaker want to speak” This is to tell you guys that I started this game wey back …here you go this is a two minutes video as evidence I gave them my fone to watch for their eye own…. then I took out the pink pant she left behind…. Kojo she left this behind you can wear it or better still give it to your girlfrnd to wear it…. hahahahahah (together we laughed our)…{KOJO}” hahaha so she came wearing SEXY PANT and was fueled by SEXY PANT?? How ironic….hahaha… sia you have won my respect but this won’t be the last game we are playing…. This I believe is just the beginning”…. Heerrh PKAY get in and bring the money sharp… I took the 1000cedis from PKAY……
Who ever feel like playing this game again can feel free and come forward anytime any day BRING IT ON
To be continue……


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